uAchieve Learning Center

Throughout the school year from August to May, we offer individualized tutoring in core subjects and test preparation for students.

Achieve Math Breakthroughs

2024 Summer Classes

Aloha, the 2024 uAchieve Summer Session will be held at Kamehameha Elementary School. The 1st session will be held from Monday, June 3rd to Monday, July 1st with no class on June 11th (Kamehameha Day). The 2nd session will be from Tuesday July 2nd to Wednesday, July 31st with no classes on July 4th and 5th. Each session will have 20 classes each.

The times are 8:00-9:30am. 9:45-11:15am, 12:30-2:00pm.  Instruction will be individualize to each students’ needs.  Any unused credits will be rolled over into the school year.   Contact me as soon as possible to reserve a spot for your child as class sizes will be limited.  The cost is $500 which can paid later when I invoice the confirmed students.  If you have any questions, please contact me at (808) 391-8708.  Mahalo!

Please sign up as soon as possible as class sizes will be limited. Once you sign up, I will send you a confirmation response with payment instructions. Thank you!

Student and Parent Testimonials

"I really like [my tutor] because she is really good at explaining things whenever I need help and she is really nice and always comes into the zoom meeting with a smile!"

"I really appreciate you believing in me. I've learned so much from you and math isn't as scary as it was before :)"

"I really enjoy your type of teaching and the instructions/tips you give are very helpful!I really enjoy being in your class!"

"We truly appreciate the zoom tutoring, and are grateful that our son is able to work with all your wonderful tutors!"

"[My tutor] has been a very funny and fun tutor to our class, he always says "Sup guys" every morning since day one and its very funny. Hes been helping me when I have internet problems and I'm very thankful for that."

Flexible Study Program

At uAchieve, we are here to accommodate your schedule, however hectic and unexpected it may be. During the school year, we offer a flexible study program to offer you flexibility in choosing the best days and times for your family’s needs. $225 will give you 10 sessions to use at your discretion.

Achieve Math Breakthroughs

Flexible Study Program Schedule

Monday through Thursday at Kamehameha Kapalama 3PM - 7PM
Saturday at Bluewater Mission 10AM - 5PM
Sunday Closed

My Teaching Philosophy

Learning is the beginning

Learning is the basis of all creation, invention, and ideas. We here at uAchieve Learning Center inspire, empower and educate the youth of Hawai’i with utmost enthusiasm.

Algebra Matters

Algebra is the gateway to critical thinking. Algebra is the prerequisite for all higher-level math and science in high school. Because many students fail to develop a solid math foundation, many students are unprepared for high school, college, and even work. If you want success in the 21st century,

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