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Learning is the beginning

Learning is the basis of all creation, invention, and ideas. We here at uAchieve Learning Center inspire, empower and educate the youth of Hawai’i with utmost enthusiasm.

Flexible Study Program

At uAchieve, we are here to accommodate your schedule, however hectic and unexpected it may be. During the school year, we offer a flexible study program to offer you flexibility in choosing the best days and times for your family’s needs. $200 will give you 10 sessions to use at your discretion.

Call at (808)-391-8708 to sign up!

My Teaching Philosophy

Algebra Matters

Algebra is the gateway to critical thinking. Algebra is the pre-requisite for all higher-level math and science in high school. Because many students fail to develop a solid math foundation, many students are unprepared for high school, college, and even work. If you want success in the 21st century,

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