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uAchieve Learning Center

Throughout the school year from August to May, we offer individualized tutoring in core subjects and test preparation for students.

uAchieve's Response to COVID19

uAchieve, in response to the pandemic, has updated our summer session offerings in order to provide an even greater learning experience for your student. With these updates, we also want to enforce a new set of rules to promote cleanliness and safety, so students can solely focus on their studies.

With these updates, we also want to enforce a new set of rules to promote cleanliness and safety, so students can solely focus on their studies.

uAchieve’s COVID19 Precautionary Measures

In addition to the social distancing best practices set forth by the CDC, we would like uAchieve’s summer students to abide by these new rules:

  • All students must wear face masks while they are at uAchieve’s learning space.
  • All students will receive a temperature check before entering uAchieve’s learning space.
  • No eating while studying at uAchieve’s learning space.
  • Students must bring and use their own supplies such as pencils as pens.
  • No loitering on or nearby uAchieve’s learning space.

uAchieve has also expanded our space to accommodate for these safety precautions. We will be wiping down all shared study spaces every half-hour to further protect the health of our valued students. Guardians will have to complete a waiver on-behalf of their student agreeing to abide by the aforementioned safety rules.

Online Math Sessions

In addition to our in-person sessions, we will also be continuing to provide an online version of our tutoring sessions led by the uAchieve staff via Zoom. We understand the difficulties that educators are facing to provide an enriching educational experience for their students in this time, and we here at uAchieve are adapting as fast as we can to ensure that your child will continue to thrive in their studies.

As always if you have any questions, please feel free to call Andy Chung at (808)-391-8708. Mahalo!

Flexible Study Program

At uAchieve, we are here to accommodate your schedule, however hectic and unexpected it may be. During the school year, we offer a flexible study program to offer you flexibility in choosing the best days and times for your family’s needs. $200 will give you 10 sessions to use at your discretion.

Call at (808)-391-8708 to sign up!

Flexible Study Program Schedule

Saturday & Sunday 10AM - 7PM
Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs 2PM - 8PM
Friday Closed

My Teaching Philosophy

Learning is the beginning

Learning is the basis of all creation, invention, and ideas. We here at uAchieve Learning Center inspire, empower and educate the youth of Hawai’i with utmost enthusiasm.

Algebra Matters

Algebra is the gateway to critical thinking. Algebra is the prerequisite for all higher-level math and science in high school. Because many students fail to develop a solid math foundation, many students are unprepared for high school, college, and even work. If you want success in the 21st century,

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